Laminate kitchen countertops are the most common option and are made out of a synthetic material comprised of several layers: multiple sheets of craft paper (like that used in grocery bags), a decorative paper, and a melamine plastic coating. The craft paper results in a dark edge to the countertop. A slightly more expensive alternative with no dark edge is solid-colour laminate, which is made of a coloured plastic throughout.

Produced in hundreds of colours and patterns and a variety of finishes. Certain designs replicate the look of granite, solid surface, engineered stone and hardwood, among others, providing an in-demand look at an undemanding price.


Veneer doors are made from pre-veneered board which is then cut and edged and sprayed with clear polyurethane in a satin finish. The classical modern look has never been outdated in the last 60 years and gives that Danish or Swedish design look with the warmth of timber.

The advantage of this board is that one gets the real timber grain feel to the door without the expense of solid timber doors and still has a modern look as against the colonial or country look of solid timber doors (a result mainly of the construction).

2 Pack

These kitchens go by a number of names such as 2 pack, polyurethane and  lacquered doors. These kitchens are made from MDF (medium density fibreboard) and sprayed with a chemically cured paint similar to car paint. The faces and edges of the door can have a routered pattern or just plain faced with pencil round edges. The paint finish can range in gloss levels from matt(10%) , satin (30%), semi gloss (60%) to high gloss (90%).

The paint finish gives a very sleek modern appearance and shows no join seams on the edges.

Natural granite

Attractive and durable stone that has a medium to coarse grain varying in colour from speckled lights to rich brown and midnight blacks.

Granite is extremely versatile and has a variety of indoor or outdoor applications including kitchen or vanity benchtops as well as splashbacks.

Engineered stone

Manufactured with up to 93% quartz, 7% bonding agents, additves and pigments, making an extremely hard wearing, practical surface for benchtops and splashbacks.

Engineered stone is a non porous, low maintenance hygienic choice for all interior applications,making it a modern and stylish accessory to any new kitchen. 


This is the more traditional style of kitchen and has become increasingly more expensive as the exotic timbers have become more rare. These timbers are hard wearing and can be repaired if damaged. After a number of years the timber can be re-sanded and re-lacquered to look like new. The timbers have a number of different styles and mouldings but mostly have a federation, colonial, country style or shaker appearance.

The timber needs to be lacquered to protect them from moisture and grease. Oiling them is an option although not recommended in an hygienic kitchen environment. The timbers can also be painted for the provincial look. Matching panels for these timbers are generally made in a matching veneer as the large flat pieces of timber are not available or tend to warp.


In the past the only way to achieve soft lines and curves in your kitchen was to use highly expensive post-formed laminates. Today, however, the smooth curves of HARDFORM® Round Edge Doors & Panels will give your kitchen a distinctive style normally associated with the most expensive, custom built kitchens. Available in a choice of 72 stylish colours.

A safer, smooth-edged finish.

Ballina Joinery - Ballina, Lismore, kitchen, bathroom

Ballina Joinery - Ballina, Lismore, kitchen, bathroom

Ballina Joinery - Ballina, Lismore, kitchen, bathroom

Ballina Joinery - Ballina, Lismore, kitchen, bathroom

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